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Our Los Angeles Bridal Salon showcases collection known for its sophistication, elegance and feminine detailing combined with a modern approach to bridal design. Our Los Angeles Wedding Dress Store caters to the smart and creative bride who is striving to design her wedding gown with both personal style and charm. Judy Lee wedding dresses exhibit clean and elegant lines in a classic Silhouette.

A Wedding is a wondrous event. No Pageantry unfolds with more drama, and no one remains unaffected by witnessing the bridal celebration. It is one of the most beautiful moments in a woman's life. Traditionally, brides have consulted their mothers in the matter of choosing her wedding gown. Now that we have entered a new millennium, brides are hungry for beauty, tradition, and old fashion values in choosing the wedding dress.

Queen Victoria's marriage to Prince Albert set the stage for the tradition of beautiful, romantic, white wedding dress that brides choose today. She was the first royal bride to ignore the tradition of wearing a heavy brocade wedding dress decorated with jewels and half hidden by a velvet-and-ermine mantle. Instead, she ordered a lovely white satin wedding gown trimmed with sprays of delicate orange blossom. Although white silk or satin dresses had been used for the best dresses since the 1820s, Victoria's choice of one for her wedding made them popular bridal gowns as well. In one area, Victoria did not ignore tradition. Her wedding gown, like other bridal dresses of the era, was trimmed with lace.

Just as Victoria chose lace for her wedding dress that was part of tradition, brides today can find inspiration in the past. Over the years since Victoria's wedding, dress designers have come up with every imaginable style of wedding gowns from the simplest of sheaths to extravagant ball gowns fit for a princess. The most beautiful wedding dresses are those made with true craftsmanship and exquisite fabrics. These wedding dresses complement the bride rather than taking the spotlight away from her. To feel breathtakingly beautiful, comfortable, and, above all, true to a bride's own personality and sense of style is what every bride wants on her special day.

After Victoria's wedding, brides followed the young Queen's lead of choosing a beautiful white wedding gown, setting in motion the tradition of the white wedding dress, which has continued to this day. The Victorian bridal dress, with its form-fitting bodice and full skirt and train, remains a classic bridal gown as well. After the First World War, bridal wear reflected the changing role of women. Corsets were thrown away and hair was cut short. Coco Chanel showed the first short wedding dress. Although the new bridal frocks fell just below the knees, they were still white and still embellished with frills, ruffles, and pretty decorations. The glamorous Hollywood bridal gowns of the thirties, with its slim sheaths and shimmering fabrics, gave way to Victorian-style full skirted wedding dress and scoop necklines in the fifties, a flection of the traditional roles women resumed after the Second World War. During the free-spirited sixties and seventies, many brides rebelled against tradition by wearing wedding dresses that ranged from minis and caftans to funky hippie wedding gowns. It was not until 1981, when Lady Diana Spencer's elaborate taffeta wedding gown captured the imagination of the world, that formal bridal attire once again became the height of fashion, ushering in a decade of extravagant wedding dress designs.

As we enter a new century of bridal style, a bride can draw on a hundred years of evolving bridal fashion to choose exactly how she wants to look on her wedding day, sweet, romantic, modern, traditional, full-skirted, slim-sheathed, or daringly low and definitely sexy! And if the bride chooses well, her bridal gown will reflect both the romance of the occasion and her own personality.

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